iNerdz Phone Repair

Toledo's Premium Phone and Tablet Repair

Our company consists of an expert team of technicians and repair nerds that live behind their phones. When we aren’t fixing phones we are either thinking about fixing phones, dreaming about fixing phones, or searching for an excuse to get back to fixing phones. There is no one in the industry that you can trust more with your smartphone than iNerdz. We fix iPhones, Androids, iPads, Tablets, and more in a timely fashion. And luckily for you we are conveniently located in Toledo.

We are the kind of people that will walk you through every step of the repair process so that you don’t have to worry about what is happening to your phone behind closed doors. When you come in you can speak directly with our technician. When you call we will forward your call directly to the CEO if that’s what you want. We are proud to be repair nerds. Because we aren’t just tech geeks, we are innovative digital pioneers. Which means when you bring your phone to us you’ll get the best quality parts, the best service, and most importantly you’ll get your phone back working the way it’s meant to be.